cmm gantry

coordinate measuring machines for large pieces

CMM gantry

In addition to minimizing errors of inertia and distortions in shape, the column architecture ensures excellent metrological performances even in case of large measuring volumes, while offering full access to the work area for programming, loading and unloading operations.

CMM gantry

General features

Gantry CMMs are equipped with three moving elements which are shifted on air bearings along three guides perpendicular to each other.

The sensor is fixed to the ram, which slides vertically with respect to the head. This moves horizontally with respect to the crossbeam, which in turn slides horizontally with respect to the machine base plate.

The crossbeam is motorised by a rack and pinion drive system along two guide-ways (beams) located over the machine base plate. These guides are supported by a column structure, which thanks to a crossbow system compensates for any lengthwise elongation.

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measuring machines
Since 1973 we have been designing, building and distributing coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and innovative solutions for dimensional control, surface reconstruction and reverse engineering.
COORD3 measuring machines and software are used by small, medium and large companies all over the world to certify and improve the quality of their products. COORD3 boasts a range of measuring machines that includes over 35 automatic and manual models, from cost-effective countertop CMMs for the inspection of small parts to some of the largest Gantry CMMs ever produced.
COORD CMMs are on active duty in the aerospace, defense and heavy industry sectors and make us proud, every day, of our work.

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