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Since 1973 to date over 3000 units successfully installed worldwide.
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Our product range offers advanced measurement platforms, from inexpensive benchtop CMMs for inspecting small parts to some of the largest Gantry CMMs ever produced.

We are present and active with our coordinate measuring machines in the aerospace, defense andheavy industries.

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CMM | bridge

The "Bridge" mobile gantry structure is the optimal solution for low measurement volumes, providing an excellent cost/performance ratio with the undeniable advantage of the worktable integrated into the machine structure.


The pillar architecture of this coordinate measuring machine not only minimizes inertial errors and structural deformations, guaranteeing the achievement of excellent metrological performance even with large measurement volumes, but also allows full volume accessibility.

CMM | horizontal

Coordinate measuring machines with horizontal arm architecture perfect for measuring components such as automotive bodies, panels, doors, car windows, dashboards, and dimensional inspection of mechanical parts such as engine blocks, gearboxes, castings, automotive and aerospace components.

coord3 logo manufacturer of coordinate measuring machines

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